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This page lists page updates recently made to the RicksPlates.com – Rick Kretschmer's License Plate Archives web site. 

This page was last updated on February 29, 2024. 

Latest noteworthy updates to this page, other than adding entries to the Page Updates section or updating photos in the Newly Added Plates section: 

  • August 13, 2021  –  Removed additions of trade plates to the various Rick's Trade Box pages in the Recent Page Updates section.  These will no longer be added; I'll let the thumbnail photos speak for themselves. 
  • January 24, 2018  –  Added a subsection for newly added plates for trade or sale. 


The purpose of this page is to provide a place where visitors can find out what's new on the site without having to look at every page individually.  Every time I make a change to the site, I'll now also update this page to show the newest photos I've added, and to record the date and page that was updated or added. 

Below, I have listed by date each page that I've recently added or updated, with clickable links to each such page.  I'm listing only the past years' worth of page updates, figuring that anything older than that cannot possibly qualify as a "recent" change. 

Plate images newly added to this site

Shown below are some of the very newest plate photos I've added to the site.  These are subject to being updated often.  I'm trying to show no more than a month's worth of recent plate photos. 

License plates for trade or sale

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.  See my Rick's trade box pages for more information about these and other plates available for trade or sale. 

Rick's trade box (U.S. states A-I)  •  Rick's trade box (U.S. states K-N)  •  Rick's trade box (U.S. states O-W)  •  Rick's trade box (rest of the world)

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Recent additions to Rick's trade box:
License plates from my collection

2021 issue Pennsylvania passenger circa 1990s New Jersey equipment in transit 1958-64? Pennsylvania state government vehicle circa 1990s Pennsylvania emergency vehicles (plural) circa 1980s Penn State University vehicle
Undated Pennsylvania passenger car plate issued in 2021; undated circa 1990s New Jersey equipment in transit plate; undated circa late 1950s-early 1960s Pennsylvania state governement vehicle plate; undated circa 1990s Pennsylvania Emergency Vehicles [sic] plate; undated circa 1980s Pennsylvania State University official use vehicle plate. 


2023 Kentucky optional passenger 2023 Virginia In God We Trust specialty plate 2019 Kentucky Choose Life specialty plate 1977 Arizona motorcycle 1977 Louisiana motorcycle Florida Freemasonry specialty plate Florida In God We Trust specialty plate American Samoa
2023 Kentucky optional design passenger car plate with In God We Trust legend; 2023 Virginia In God We Trust specialty plate; 2019 Kentucky Choose Life specialty plate; 1977 Arizona and Louisiana motorcycle plates; 2023 Florida Freemasonry and In God We Trust specialty plates; 1977 American Samoa passenger car plate . 

Other license plates I've acquired or once had

2025 North Carolina "In God We Trust"

License plates I've spotted in actual use

Florida Florida Florida Florida Kentucky Oklahoma current Pennsylvania emergency vehicle
Kentucky optional design passenger car plate; Three Florida passenger car plates; Oklahoma passenger car plate; undated current Pennsylvania Emergency Vehicle plate. 

Recent page updates in reverse date order

(If you go to a recently updated page and don't see the update, try hitting your refresh button while on that page.) 

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