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Expired license plates available for trade or sale (non-U.S.)


This page features expired license plates from outside the United States that I'm offering for trade or sale. 

New plates were last added on October 2, 2018.  This page was last updated on November 6, 2018. 

Latest noteworthy updates to this page, other than the addition and removal of plates in my trade box: 

  • November 6, 2018  –  Created this page for plates for trade or sale from outside the U.S. from a general plates for trade or sale page. 


These real, expired license plates are for collecting purposes only, and are not legal for street use on any vehicle, except possibly in some specific cases under state Year of Manufacture laws.  I make no claim that any of these license plates qualify for Year of Manufacture use. 

Please note that, while I do enjoy trades, trading usually only makes sense to me if you can offer something in trade that's on my want list.  Otherwise, there's no point.  I would only be trading plates I don't want for different plates I don't want.  If you have nothing on my want list, you're welcome to buy what you want instead. 

Please note that this is not some fancy e-commerce online store where you can put items in a "shopping cart" and then "check out" and pay, all in one visit.  You will need to make a list of the items you want, and then send that list and your zip code or country to me in an e-mail, so that I can verify that the plates you want are still available and give you a final price to pay and payment instructions. 

All plates shown are the actual plates you will receive, except possibly in a few cases that are specifically noted otherwise.  Click on any thumbnail image below to see a larger photo of that plate. 

(There's no sigificance to the different color prices.  It's just a way for me to keep better track of my inventory.) 

Expired license plates available for trade or sale, by jurisdiction

U.S. Territories
circa 1988 cargo (truck) 547TIA very good plus $15 click to enlarge  New 7/2018!  
U.S. Forces

(U.S. Forces plates are/were issued to members of the U.S military for use on their personal vehicles while stationed in or returning from various countries overseas.) 

U.S. Forces in Germany
circa 1980s passenger car JK 5777 very good plus $10 click to enlarge  New 7/2018!   This design was issued 1983-89 and used until 1998. 
undated passenger car BKE-438 very good $15 click to enlarge Issued circa 1977-1984.  Oversized plate; 14-5/8" by 5-3/16". 
1964 power unit 460 excellent minus $18 click to enlarge  New 10/2018!   I believe this plate type was issued to big rig truck tractors.  Unused; would be in mint condition except for some very small chips along the edges of the plate. 
2012 passenger car A-51598 very good plus $10 click to enlarge  New 7/2018!  
circa 1996 passenger car N 96-0 good plus $20 click to enlarge  New 7/2018!  
recent passenger car N 0-11 mint $40 click to enlarge  New 7/2018!  
undated temporary export 867 Z-2595 good $15 click to enlarge  REDUCED 7/2018!   West German plate for temporary use on vehicles being exported, circa 1967-1988.  Unique oval shape.  Seal reads "Hauptzollamt Suttgart-West".  Oversized plate; 13-7/8" by 8-3/8".  Was $20. 

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