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Choose Life license plate

Choose Life Specialty Plates


This page shows my collection of real license plates that promote life. 

Latest noteworthy updates to this page
  • April 15, 2024  –  Added Massachusetts plate. 
  • February 6, 2024  –  Added Kentucky plate. 


I don't like to say much online about my opinions on political and controversial social issues, but the fact that I even collect Choose Life plates and have this page featuring them kind of tips my hand.  I know in my heart that abortion is wrong, if not always, then nearly so.  Yes, that's consistent with the teaching of my Chirstian faith, but even if I didn't have that, as a human being with a conscience, it's intuitively obvious to me.  This is my deeply-held personal conviction, and it's not up for debate or criticism.  However, unlike many who oppose abortion, I'm not out to judge or condemn anyone.  Even if you were a participant in an abortion, please know that God loves you more deeply than you can imagine, and he can and will forgive all sins, even yours.  And if God loves you, who am I to do otherwise?  For more on this, I'd encourage you to read my An Extremely Important Matter page. 

The phrase Choose Life acknoledges that, despite any laws or court rulings one way or the other, ultimately, abortion is a choice, and these plates call on people to reject that, and instead make the choice that allows an unborn baby to live.  However, while I was still creating this page, my daughter told me of a friend of hers who was struggling with thoughts of suicide.  It occured to me that the phrase Choose Life is very much applicable to that situation as well.  And, I should mention that the Colorado Respect Life plate shown below was developed not as an anti-abortion plate, but rather in response to the Columbine High School mass shooting in 1999.  The flower depicted is the state flower, which is called a columbine.  I think it fits nicely into this theme.  There are lots of ways that human life is a choice worth making. 

But enough of that for now.  We're here for the plates.  It was just a matter of time before I started collecting these.  North Carolina, where I live, came out with a Choose Life specialty plate, and so I began collecting this plate category by first ordering one for one of my vehicles. 

Choose Life and other pro-life license plates

A majority of states offer Choose Life speciality plates.  Most use the same line drawing of two children and prominently feature the color yellow.  As a result, quite a few of these plates look remarkably similar.  I'm not a fan of plates that make it a challenge to know what state they're from with just a glance, but such is the case when an organization is able to get specialty plates approved in multiple states that offer freedom of design.  So, I especially appreciate the plates that went with different designs. 

As with my Debbie's Kids Plates page, I'll just let the plates speak for themselves.  Perhaps in this case because many are so similar.  So, without further ado, here they are. 


Alabama Choose Life specialty plate Alabama Choose Life specialty plate Arkansas Choose Life specialty plate Colorado Respect Life specialty plate Florida Choose Life specialty plate Kentucky Choose Life specialty plate Massachusetts Choose Life specialty plate Mississippi Choose Life specialty plate Montana Choose Life specialty plate North Carolina Choose Life specialty plate Tennessee Choose Life specialty plate

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