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Pennsylvania License Plates


1919 Pennsylvania passenger car plate 1932 Pennsylvania passenger car plate 1964 Pennsylvania station wagon plate 2006 Pennsylvania passenger car plate

While I've never lived in Pennsylvania myself, my family roots are there. For over 30 years, I lived in adjacent Maryland, and traveled regularly to greater Philadelphia to visit my extended family, and so I frequently saw Pennsylvania license plates in their native habitat. I know it sounds corny, but old Pennsylvania plates have sentimental meaning to me.

A Pictorial History of Pennsylvania License Plates   A Pictorial History of Pennsylvania License Plates (continued)
Pennsylvania passenger plate Pennsylvania Passenger Car Plates, 1906 to 1976 Pennsylvania tractor plate Pennsylvania Tractor Plates, 1914 to Present
      Including farm implement and mobile equipment plates
Pennsylvania passenger plate Pennsylvania Passenger Car Plates, 1977 to Present Pennsylvania dealer plate Pennsylvania Dealer Plates, 1910 to Present
      Also motor vehicle business and other similar plates
Pennsylvania specialty plate Pennsylvania Special Interest Plates, 1970s to Present
      "Special fund", organizational member and military veteran plates
Pennsylvania government or emergency plate Pennsylvania Government Plates, 1924 to Present
      Also non-government emergency vehicle plates
Pennsylvania motorcycle plate Pennsylvania Motorcycle Plates, 1914 to Present
      Also covering motorboat, motorbike, and moped plates
Pennsylvania sample plate New page! Pennsylvania Sample and Prototype, Test, and Blank Plates
      Also state-issued souvenir plates
Pennsylvania personal vehicle plate Pennsylvania Misc. Personal Vehicle Plates, 1931 to Present
      Antique, handicapped, motor home, suburban, vanity, etc.
Other Pennsylvania license plate pages
Pennsylvania bus or taxi plate Pennsylvania Bus and Taxi Plates, 1924 to Present Pennsylvania passenger plate Gallery of Pennsylvania Passenger Car Plates
      1906 to present ...if you'd just rather see the pictures
Pennsylvania truck plate Pennsylvania Truck Plates, 1914 to Present Pennsyvania mystery plate Pennsylvania License Plate ???Whatzit???
      Help in identifying 1914-1919 and 1924-1933 plate types
Pennsylvania trailer plate Pennsylvania Trailer Plates, 1914 to Present


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